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Sustaining Hope

I wanted to do something different, and I normally think outside of the box. I talked to mom, and we talked about how in chorus, in visiting the hospital, we were not just singing, we were singing to the patients and sustaining happiness.

I liked the idea of that, so I continued with it and I thought of other ways I could help those around me in a sustainable way. I thought about helping the homeless and putting together the kits. I went shopping with my dad to think about the right items to put in and realized that I didn’t want all of them to be just food and water or money. Instead I chose first aid kids and socks to make people feel better, and things like candy and the puzzle book to bring happiness. And asked my friends to help put the kits together so they could get excited about it. You can donate to if you'd like me to put a package together for you. I will even add a note from you if you donate $20 or more.

Or if you'd like to make them yourself, here is a list of the items that I included in the Believer Package, but you should only use this as a suggestion. The more personal you make it, the more of an impact you will have.

● Food & water (food is non-perishable like tuna and crackers)

● A water bottle

● A first aid kit (including band aids)

● Sweets

● Hygiene stuff (like hand sanitizer)

● Socks & Hand warmers

● A $5 McDonalds gift card

● A note of appreciation

● A puzzle book & pen

● A piece of wood with the word “hope”

● A string bag with reflective tape

*(all items total less that $20)

Thank you! Liliana (Arrow)

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