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Hope2Believe: Lemonade Stand Fundraiser

On Saturday, September 5th from Noon to 2 PM, we will have another Lemonade Stand Fundraiser. My mom is baking goodies now....brownies and lemon cookies and some other things. With the money we raise, I will make new Believer Kits for the fall. Our first lemonade stand was successful and I had fun with my family organizing it. We had to clean and prepare many things like the tables, treats, and of course, the lemonade! We put out flyers in the mailboxes of our neighbors and made signs. Some customers came by and either donated money even before the stand even opened! I was very surprised and happy. More people started to notice our stand and walked over. Some conversations were created as well which was interesting. My mom and dad stayed outside with me and we also had Arrow our dog with us. There was a point in time where no one was passing by and it felt kind of lonely but it was a good kind of break.

After the small “break”, people started to come by again. Towards the end my AP Human teacher came and I was so excited. It was amazing to see her again and I really appreciated it. Soon we started to take things inside the house and end the lemonade stand. Once everything was put away we counted the money that we earned and counted $230, and we even received donations after that. Later I went with my dad and we put together new Believer Kits.

The picture above is one of the messages that I put into the Believer Kits. I try to put a different message in each one, something that will bring the person getting it a bit of hope. If you can't stop by, you can use the link below and order a "virtual lemonade / snack"!

Thank you! Arrow (Liliana)

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